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About piper_lims
This community is a Last Icon Maker Standing (LIMS) for the character Piper Halliwell from Charmed (Played by Holly Marie Combs).

It will be played on a round basis where each were, you will be asked to make an icon based on the rules given in that round and then in there end there will be a voting held which will then lead to an icon maker being eliminated. In there end there will be a winner, a Last Icon Maker Standing.

Because this community involves with voting Icon Makers off and criticism, if you are not able to handle either, then it is advisable that you do not join this community please.

This community was an inspiration from p3_lims and piper_stillness

Maintainer piper_lims
Rules and General Information for piper_lims

1. Because this community runs on a weekly basis, you must join this community please. Failure to do so will have you denied entry until you are a member of this community. Click here to join

2. Once you have become a member, please post in the Challenge SIGN-UP post, and if you clearly read the rules, you would put Zankou in the subject line.

3. The challenges will be running on Australian Time (A day ahead for the US and UK). The Challenges will run like most of the LIMS community.

4. On Monday, the challenge would be posted along with the rules specified for that Challenge. The challenge can vary from Images from the Episodes, Promo Photoshoot (For Charmed Specifically) to Lyrics and even specific episode. From time to time there will be a free style challenges.

5. You may only submit one icon, unless the challenge specified that you must submit more than one icon.

6. When creating icons, the following rules must be obeyed to deemed as acceptable:
a. They must be LJ Standard. That being 100 x 100 pixels.
b. The file size must be no bigger than 40 kb.
c. The icon must have or contain Piper Halliwell in the icon (Otherwise it defeats the purpose of this contest)
d. You may not use previous icons that were already made.
e. They must be your own style and uniqueness.

7. On completion of your entry, you must post it in the Challenge post with the image file and the link to that image, like the example below.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

8. The contest will end on Friday. Failure to submit an icon will mean elimination from the Contest (Unless a skip chance has been used in the challenge).

9. Skip Chances is basically a token where you can skip a challenge, providing that a decent reason is given.
a. In this contest, skip chances can be used only in certain situation. For example, if you are going away or you are sick, skip chances can be used.
If you are intending to use skip chances just to skip the challenge and progress to the next round, then that won’t be allowed. I am trying to make this contest a fair and fun one.
b. Skip Chances must be used the day before the voting to be valid.
c. Skip Chances cannot be used in the first round or after we reach the final 5 of piper_lims.
d. The Skip Chances post can be found here

10. The voting will occur over the weekends (Saturday and Sunday), in which you will be asked to pick your least favourite icon (Based on quality) and your favourite icon.

11. The Result will be then posted on Monday, with the elimination and the winning Icon. There will also be a mod choice each round which will be selected by me (Out of the Non-Winning Icons).

12. The cycle then will continue with a new challenge.

13. When the time has come to vote for the icons, you must not at all vote for your icon! This defeats the purpose of the contest. You also will be asked to vote for your favourite and least favourite icon and be able to explain your reasons.
In this contest, the voting works differently than what is probably used. The favourite votes are considered to be save votes, and the least favourite votes are elimination vote. The way it works if some an icon say received 5 least favourite votes, but also received two favourite votes, it would total up to 3 least favourite votes. It’s a different way but a fairer way to tally up votes.

14. Because this is a challenge, we need to ensure all icons are anonymous. For that, you must not post your icon (for the current challenge) ANYWHERE, until the voting for the round is over. Failure to follow this rule will mean disqualification from the contest.

15. The Last Icon Maker Standing will receive a banner for the effort in this contest and the runner up will also receive one as well. Also the winner for each round and Mod’s choice will receive a banner as a congratulatory for winning that round.

piper_lims Schedule

Monday: New challenge goes up.
Wednesday: Reminders will be announced of due date nearing and who hasn’t submitted an icon.
Friday: The current challenge entries are due.
Saturday: Icons are gathered and posted for Voting
Sunday: Votes are tallied and announced of winners and eliminated icon maker.


X-MEN: x3_icontest, xmen_awards
LIMS: p3_lims, pirate_lims, ricci_lims


(For the layout)

p3_lims and piper_stillness for the inspiration to start this community.

tambaquip for the banners.

Previous piper_lims winners.

Round 1:
Winner: jillrenay
Runner Up: _euphory